2016 Trends: Stacked Wedding Bands

Over the past few years, a new ring trend has popping up on the fingers of celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Garner: Stacked wedding bands. This new trend is a beautiful and unique way to display the story of your love, adding a touch of sparkle and style to your left ring finger as you grow together with your spouse. As 2016 draws near, we expect brides across the country to begin sporting stacked wedding bands. Versatile and unique to the wearer, stacked bands can update your engagement ring or stand alone stylishly.

diamond three-row wedding bandWear Multiple Ways

One of the biggest benefits of the stacked wedding band trend is the versatility it allows for. You can pair your bands with your engagement ring or wear them on separately for an attractive, yet simplistic sparkle. Mix metals, stone colors and more to create a look all your own that can be changed depending on your outfit or the event you are attending. We have seen many women sporting their stacked bands on the left hand and their engagement ring on the right.

stacked wedding band cuffAdd to Your Collection

We also love the idea of adding to your collection of stacked bands. The perfect gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary or a special moment in your marriage with, your stacked wedding bands tell the story of your love. Add a band to celebrate the birth of your first child and those special anniversaries – like year ten.

Whether you choose to layer rings of all white gold or choose to add a pop of color with a rose gold band amidst yellow gold rings, stacked wedding bands are a beautiful way to continue to add style to your hand as your marriage grows. Start your search for stacked wedding bands online with Reeds Jewelers, and then visit the location nearest you to find your perfect match.

Stacked Wedding Bands


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