A Day of Reflection and Remembrance

Today, March 22nd, marks the one-year anniversary of our initial closing for Covid-19. All of us at Reeds felt it was imperative to take this moment to reflect and spend time with our loved ones. In order to recognize the impact of Covid-19 on our small company, you and your families, the community, the nation and the world, we are closing our doors in a day of remembrance.

Like many businesses across the world, Covid-19 impacted the lives of every single member of our team. It did so in ways we could never have expected. Closing our doors, even temporarily, produced emotions that we are still yet to fully process.

Since then, our team has worked harder and smarter than they ever have before. And while the hurdles were unimaginable at first, I am so proud of how every member of our team has pulled together to face every challenge with a positive outlook.

We feel fortunate to continue to service our clients with best in class customer service, all while providing real value and quality in our offerings. And now we do this all while ensuring that our stores remain a safe place for our community. Our obstacles and challenges are far from over, but we are poised to tackle them.

As we reflect on the past year, we as a company and a community must not forget the over 500,000 lives lost to Covid-19.

We ask that you please keep the lives and efforts of our first responders in your prayers. We are thankful for the swift development of the vaccine by the greatest minds in the world, and we feel fortunate that our government will soon give the ability to be inoculated to anyone who wants it.

On a personal note, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your loyalty, effort and understanding during this unprecedented time. I pray that you, and all whom you love, stay healthy. And today, I ask you all to join us and spend time in remembrance and reflection.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey Zimmer
President and CEO
Reeds Jewelers

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