Ring Size: The Best Ways to Secretly Find Out

February 13, 2020

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I do! "How do I get my girlfriend's ring size?" is a question that comes up quite often. Here are some tips you need to know to secretly fin out her ring finger measurement without her knowing.

These days more and more couples discuss marriage and even shop for an engagement ring as a couple. This is great for couple who like to have everything planned out and certainly takes any stress out of the situation However, if you want to surprise your significant other I have a few tips for you on finding out her ring size without spoiling your intentions.

I had a Problem:

If you are anything like me, you have no idea what your girlfriend's ring finger size is. This was never a problem for mental decided wanted buy her an engagement ring. How was I going to find out her finger size without tipping my hand as to what my plan was?

Needless to say, she said yes and we have been married for some time now with a little one running around keeping us busy. But most importantly, how did I get her finger size right? It's certainly not something you want to guess, and you can't ask her outright if you are trying to make the moment a surprise. I have a few tips that can help you get that information without making her suspicious.

My Solution

In my case, I had a few options. She had several fashion rings laying around that I could grab without her noticing and head on in to a jeweler to have it sized. The problem was, none of them ever sat on her left ring finger ( which is obviously the finger I needed the exact size of). So I had to think of another way. Luckily, she has a sister she is very close with. So I had to spill the beans to her, and after she was done freaking out, I was able to get her to tell me the size. You see, often times sisters will talk about their weddings for years growing up. I was in a lucky position to be able to take advantage of this and get my answer: size 7.

Armed with this knowledge, I was able to get the ring I wanted in a size I was (fairly) confident would fit her.

Naturally, now that I work at Reeds Jewelers, I know a lot more about rings and how the sizing and creation of rings work. Here is where I can help you make a more educated decision as to the ring size before you make the purchase.Not everyone will have someone they can ask with accurate knowledge, and from what I have learned....you may not want to size the ring prior to her trying it on. Why is this the case? Let's get into it.

Find a Ring Sizer

The challenge here is how do you size her finger without her knowing. Well.....is she a deep sleeper? If not, I don't recommend it, but if she is you can slip this on and take a look rather quickly.

This method is good, but not a truly accurate measurement.

I do not recommend using string or other methods you may see for self-measuring a finger. The string is not accurate and the last thing you want to do is have the jeweler size a ring incorrectly, but I'll get into that later.

A jeweler like Reeds would have more accurate metal or plastic ring sizers at their stores, but again, if we are looking for the element of surprise, this may not be an option.

Here is a chart representing different ring sizes based on millimeter measurements.

Ask a Friend or Relative

Before I asked my wife to marry me I did first speak with her father. It is a time honored tradition and I wanted to be able to have the blessing of the family and the peace of mind going forward. That said, her dad certainly wasn't going know her finger size.

As I said already, she has a sister that she is very close with and Iwas bale to ask her. Your situation may be much different. If there is a close friend or relative that you can as, that can keep a secret, it is a good place to start. Again, take this information carefully, as it may not be that accurate.

I have a friend who was in a similar situation. His girlfriend Kate and her best friend do everything together. I was able to suggest that he ask her. She knew exactly what size Kate's ring finger was since they had tried rings on together in the past.

The key here is trusting that the bff can keep it to herself.

Take a picture

Jewelers typically have a good sense as to finger size since they see so many hands. If you take a picture of her hand next to yours, it can be used as a rough guide as to the general size of her finger. Again, this will be an estimated size and any any decent jeweler would not size a ring on a guess.

Trace a Ring

If you know that she wears a ring on her right ring finger, take it at a time she isn't around. Place it on a piece of paper or post-it note and trace along the inside of the ring. This will give a decent impression as to the diameter of her finger and a jeweler should be able to get a close measurement based on that reading.

My Solution to You

Most rings we carry at Reeds are a size 6 or 6.5.  Firstly, if you think that this will fit or be close, purchase the ring in that size.  Secondly, Reeds will size a ring once for you at no charge.  This can be done after you pop the question and she accepts.  At that point, you can bring the ring in together and we will get an accurate size from her.  We also provide sizing beads or a ring guard that help keep a larger ring snug while she shows it off until it can be sized to fit.  Finally, Reeds will inspect the ring every six months to ensure the integrity of the prongs are firmly in place and that the ring is fitting just right.  (they will clean it and make it sparkle like new, too!)

The Reason We Only Size a Ring Once

Some jewelers may size any ring for you without question. This can be a very risky thing to do. Reeds will typically only size a ring one time. There are several reasons for this.

  • Sizing Up. We always want preserve the engagement ring's integrity. If the ring you purchased is too small it will need to be sized up. When this is done the ring is pulled out to add in more metal. The prongs are then tightened putting pressure on the diamond. Over time this can cause a prong to crack or break or a diamond to pop out.
  • Sizing Down. When making a ring smaller, it is cut and then pulled back together. This process can loosen the prongs in some cases. If you have a ring with stones going down the sides, sizing a ring down may pull the prongs apart slightly and you could lose stones over time. The same can be said for a solitaire ring. The prongs on your center stone may loosen or be stressed, and that is never a good thing. During our process, our jewelers take the utmost care in ensuring this won't happen, but you can see why it would be a problem if this was done multiple times.
  • A custom fit. You want the ring you wear for the rest of your life to be comfortable and fit perfectly. However, sizing a ring multiple times may stress the prongs and weaken the head. In conclusion, we want to get it right the first time and have you wear the ring with confidence.


So, my recommendation is to have the ring sized after you present it to her.  This will ensure that your ring fits her perfectly for years to come. Having a ring sized prior to her trying it on is a risk, for sure.  Also, once a ring is sized, it can not be returned. Getting engaged is an exciting time, and we want to ensure everything goes smoothly. A chat with one of our highly trained associates can put your mind at ease on many questions you may have.   Designing a custom ring is also a fabulous option. A custom designed engagement ring shows off her unique sense of style and always has a great story behind it.

Custom Options

Almost any ring design that you see in our case or online can be custom made to fit your hand.  At Reeds we take pride in being able to turn around most custom ring orders in two weeks! Our local CAD designers will work directly with you to create a ring that speaks perfectly to you.  We can then manufacture most ring settings locally in our own facility. This will ensure quality and guarantee happiness.

To learn more about our custom design capabilities or to book an appointment, 
click here.

Let me know how you popped the question.  If it was a surprise, how did you find out her ring size, and what was her reaction when she opened that little box