Developing the Guest List for Your Wedding Day

his and hers wedding bandsAfter celebrating your engagement with your closest friends and family, one of the first orders of business is writing out your guest list. While you don’t need to have your list set in stone right away, you do need to decide about how many people you would like to attend your wedding before you can book your venue and set your date.

Decide if Children Can Attend

One of the first things to think about when planning your guest list is if you would like children to attend your wedding or not. For couples with big families, the answer is usually a pretty simple “yes”, but it can be a trickier decision for couples who don’t have any little siblings, nieces or nephews. The choice is completely your own, and your loved ones are sure to understand whichever way you choose. Just remember to address your invitations accordingly to prevent any confusion.

Talk to Your Parents

While it is completely up to you who you do – and don’t – invite to share in the celebration of your marriage, your parents and future in-laws probably have a few suggestions as to who they would like included on your list. Whether it is a great aunt who you’ve only met once or a distant cousin who you aren’t so fond of, it can be tricky to say no to your loved ones when it comes to writing out your list. Work with your significant other to create a list of your own first, including all of the family members, friends and co-workers who you would like to attend. Then, decide together how many add-ons your parents are allowed. Let mom and dad write up a list of their own, then compare it with yours. If there are only a couple people you forgot to include, add them on to the master list. Remember, this is a big day for your parents too, and it is only natural for them to want their favorite cousin or best friend there to share in the fun. If your parents and in-laws lists are just too big, kindly explain to them the size of the wedding you are looking forward to and choose a few close friends to include from each list.

wedding guest listSet a Number

Now that you have your list put together, set a “cap” number and use this total when searching for venues. In all the pre-wedding excitement, it is likely that you forget a couple people you would like to invite, so leave a little bit of extra room in case a name pops into your head while you are getting your save the dates ready to send out.

After you have handled the guest list, selected your venue and a date, it’s time to start shopping for wedding bands. No matter what style bands you are looking for, Reeds Jewelers is here to help you find your perfect pair. To start your search, visit us online or head to the location nearest you.

developing your wedding guest list

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