LAGOS Caviar Collections

LAGOS conveys a vision of bold femininity and ignites the desire to own classic, iconic jewelry.

LAGOS is handcrafted with a particular woman in mind. She radiates with grace, poise and effortless beauty. Her unique blend of strength and sophistication conveys a bold femininity. She remains true to herself and has the confidence to create her own signature look. The ease with which she personalizes her jewelry says it all: MY LAGOS MY WAY.


LAGOS commitment to detail is best showcased in their signature design – Caviar. The luminous caviar beading brings texture to sterling silver and 18k gold, transforming these metals into iconic jewelry that is as captivating as it is wearable.

It takes hundreds of steps, and a keen eye, to complete a single caviar creation. The process always begins with a hand-drawn sketch by Steven Lagos, whose belief is that every piece of jewelry is as bold as the woman who wears it.



Each Caviar bracelet is truly a work of art. During its creation, a single bracelet is passed through over nine craftsmen’s hands before it reaches its final destination—your wrist.



Black Caviar is lightweight and comfortable – pieces you will never want to take off. The jewelry-grade ceramic has been polished to a high shine. It is smooth & sleek yet also durable & scratch-proof. More than 100,000 individual Black Caviar beads have been created and crafted to ensure that each bracelet remains true to the commitment of quality that LAGOS has become known for.





Discover LAGOS Signature Caviar beading in a new color and material. Sculptural white ceramic beading adorned with gleaming diamonds and 18K gold. White is such a staple in our spring wardrobes. A classic color perfect for the summer days ahead!



Pairing Black and White Caviar together will make a great graphic contrast in your wardrobe.



The new Caviar Color Collection features five bold, high-quality gemstones re-imagined in new iconic Caviar designs. Blue Topaz, White Topaz, Amethyst, Green Quartz & Rose De France are the precious gems that will be sure to add a pop of color to any outfit.

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We hope you enjoy LAGOS as much as we do! Click here for our online collection.



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