Let's Go Buffalo!

September 16, 2014

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Did you ‘catch’ our home opener this past Sunday when we effectively squished the fish?

Of course you did!

However, if you were busy putting the last minute touches to your football spread (I know how serious chili perfection can be) and happened to miss the pre-game ceremony to honor Ralph Wilson- the Bills presented his wife, Mary, with a special surprise gift.

We at Reeds Jenss were honored to have the privilege of custom designing a ring for her on behalf of the Buffalo Bills to show appreciation for her decades of dedication to the team and our Western New York community.

Why us? Like the Buffalo Bills, we were founded in and remain loyal to WNY and are the official jeweler of the Buffalo Bills!

We’re beyond proud of our home team, the Wilson family, and our community and can’t wait to rock out with the rest of you Buffalo Bills fans for the remainder of the season.

Luckily, ReedsJenss offers gorgeous team themed Pandora bracelets so, like Mrs. Wilson, I get to sport some Bills bling of my own! LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!

Shop Bills inspired jewelery: http://reeds.newbird.co/home-decor/buffalo-themed-gifts/buffalo-jewelry.html