Top Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

A day dedicated to love; Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday for those of us who aren’t very romantic. Survey data has revealed that 78 percent of shoppers make their purchase less than a week before this February holiday, so for husbands and boyfriends who need a little bit of extra help preparing, there is still plenty of time! And Reeds Jewelers has a list of our top five Valentine’s Day gift ideas, based off USA News statistics, perfect for the love of your life.


Purchased by more than 50 percent of men and women on Valentine’s Day, candy is a staple gift that pairs well with any other item on the list. Whether you choose chocolate covered strawberries, a box of candy hearts or a chocolate rose, your partner will love this sugary sweet treat.

One of our favorite ideas: Hiding a PANDORA charm or a dainty ring inside the heart-shaped box of chocolates.



While red roses are the traditional Valentine’s Day pick, there are lots of other beautiful options to consider as well. We recommend choosing a flower that your significant other loves, surprising her with a vase on the dining room table or a bouquet in hand as you open the door to pick her up. With a bracelet holding the bouquet together, this surprise will go from sweet to incredible!


Greeting Card

Store bought or made by hand, greeting cards are a holiday staple. With a handwritten note inside, your partner will love this beautiful and heartwarming gesture.

Evening Out

Almost 40 percent of men enjoy surprising their sweetheart with a special evening out on Valentine’s Day, the ideal way to enjoy a meal and some great conversation without having to worry about cooking or cleaning the dishes. Whether you choose your partner’s all-time favorite restaurant or a new spot that you have both have wanted to try, a night out is a treat that both of you will love.

Wrap up this special evening with a course of dessert and a sparkling piece of jewelry!



When it comes to choosing the right Valentine’s Day jewelry for your special someone, there are a lot of beautiful options to consider, and a few words of advice that will make the choice easy. First, take a look at the pieces that your loved one already owns. What metal are they made of and what is she missing? Whether it is a simple necklace she can wear every day, a set of bangles or a pair of classic diamond earrings, this piece will be a beautiful addition to her collection – and one she can show off regularly!

For more help finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, visit the Reeds Jewelers location nearest you.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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